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mountain. i have no doubt about it. [ applause ] >> reporter: that engine of his includes high-speed rail which he also said it's going to happen. we are going for it between los angeles and san francisco. and the delta tunnel, the idea of taking water from the san joaquin putting it under the delta with a pair of 30-mile- long tunnels. that is still on the table, as well. so that's the state of the state. that's also the state of jerry brown's hopeful legacy. >> high-speed rail up that mountain. phil matier, thank you. all the focus is on the 49ers but there is another big sports story. the san jose sharks are back on home ice tonight for the first time since last april. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre says this is not just great news for sharks fans. mark. >> reporter: well, brian, it's a big night for the sharks. it's a big night for businesses in san jose. the sharks coming into their
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home opener winning two on the road. they are hoping to do the same again here tonight and local businesses, they are just thrilled that hockey is back. the nhl season was supposed to begin more than three months ago on october 11th. and while fans may have missed hockey, restaurant workers like eric flores say they have missed the booming business that the sharks bring to downtown san jose. >> it helps us a lot, not just us as the waiters and busers but the businesses. you see how people, you know, they're struggling out here, you know, and this really helps us out. >> reporter: tonight, flores will be behind the bar making the signature shark-arita at la pinata mexican restaurant. a 2008 economic report estimates that each sharks game
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brings in $800,000 in spending outside of the arena. >> the sharks sell out almost all games and these are regular customers with their favorite places to eat know where to park. >> reporter: in preparation for tonight's crowds, they purchased $1,800 in new plates from a vendor in san francisco. >> but sharks night, the whole thing will fill up in less than half hour. >> reporter: just jammed. >> we're jammed. >> reporter: next store at flaherty's irish pub the sharks game bring big spikes in business. >> great news. january and february are lean months in the barbis so here it is the sharks are back in town. it's great news. >> reporter: the sharks themselves know the strike has been tough for everyone. >> it's great to have the game back on. it's probably more special to know that those people will be back to normal circumstances. the restaurants are hopefully going to be packed. the fans get back to their routine. >> reporter: as for that shark- arita. >> really good, man. >> reporter: back here at the
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shark tain, businesses and bar owners say a sharks game on week night doubles their revenue. they won't have any problems with customers tonight. 17,500 seats here, the place is sold out for tonight's game which begins at 7:30. back to you. >> a good thing that a hockey game can't get rained out. we'll have more on the weather in a few minutes. thank you, mark sayre. all right. if 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is nervous about playing in the super bowl he didn't show it today. before practice, he stepped in front of a throng of cameras and said for him, not much has changed. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on kaepernick's cool demeanor and gift to reporters. >> reporter: that's right. >> reporter: a lot of excitement and intensity. this afternoon there was an incidence in the parking lot where we have our live van parked. apparently coach harbaugh was concerned about our mast cam on the top of our transmission mast up there. [ pause ]
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reporter: there he was the most sought after man in america walking into the 49ers locker room as if it is just another day on the job. one high five and a fanny slap later, he was walking into the biggest media scrum since the days of joe montana and steve young, big names he hopes to join if he can win just one more game. >> hey, colin, what is it like to wake up as colin kaepernick these days? >> uhm, i mean, it's the same as it was six months ago. >> reporter: maybe not exactly. he was a mostly unknown backup quarterback then not on the cover of "sports illustrated" and no one had yet heard of kaepernicking. the post-touchdown bicep- kissing act might soon be his trademark literally. his agent filed a copyright on kaepernicking which the said is an act of defiance and faith since he is kissing religious tatoos. >> number one is kind of my way of saying, i don't really care what people think about my tatoos. i got them for me and to show people this is what i believe in. >> reporter: but a lot of people believe in him.
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kaepernick's number 7 jersey is now the top selling nfl jersey and the crush of media descending on the 49ers camp is mostly here to get a story about him. >> when you go from the backup quarterback to the starting quarterback, and you win two play-off games, yeah, the requests are flowing in daily if not hourly. >> reporter: it's a story everyone wants to print in all caps. >> this is a very unlikely super bowl quarterback. this is only going to be his ninth start as an nfl quarterback. that's really unusual. he has some charisma. he has the tatoos. he's just very --he's hard toic tour eyes off. >> reporter: kaepernick is also -- we had a camera on our mast. we were not taking pictures of it. it shows intensity, maybe a little bit of concern about possible trick plays getting out there. you know, this is a coach against brother against brother
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and apparently doesn't want his brother to find out what he may be up to. >> we won't divulge the secrets. how is kaepernick handling all this attention? he enjoying the pressure? >> he seems to be enjoying it. he seems to be handling it very well. he seems to be very media savvy, as well. he sent over about 20 pizzas to the media work area this afternoon making friends with a lot of reporters and camera people. this is a gesture you don't see very often. he signed the top of a pizza box, thanks, cap. so i have to say thank you, colin. i had a couple of slices myself i don't mind saying. >> nice. all right, lunch for len. len ramirez, thank you. kaepernick's family satisfied the sweet tooth of the quarterback supporters in his hometown of turlock. that story a little later in this newscast, plus, why it will probably be tough to get around new orleans if you plan to go to the super bowl. and meet the bay area mom and daughter who won the super
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bowl ticket lottery. those stories and more coming up. >> our coverage in new orleans will include dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, michelle griego and mike sugerman. new at 6:00 a string of east bay businesses that rolled the dice on a questionable sales tactic may be out of luck. the state says five internet cafes in alameda county are nothing more than illegal gambling operations. and cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us they may soon be offline for good. >> reporter: the so-called internet cafes don't try to hide what people do inside. you can see customers at this store play sweepstakes games ranging from video slot machines to poker. i won 1,000, 250 three or four times. >> reporter: have you lost money on it? >> oh, yeah, plenty. >> reporter: alameda county supervisor wilma champ says these stores are fronts for online gambling. >> they think they're doing the community a favor. they told us they are creating jobs. what they didn't tell us is they are creating a lot of
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crime. actually at this site there's been over a dozen arrests. >> reporter: the states recently declared these cafes illegal operations. now local authorities are trying to shut down all five internet cafes in alameda county using a land use ordinance. ron doyle says he will sue the county to keep his operations open. he owns five including two in this county. >> we're a computer store. internet store. people come in and buy our computer time as an incentive for them to come in and use our computer time we give them free sweepstakes. >> reporter: customers say these places are fun and addictive. >> like maybe six, seven. >> six, seven hours a day? >> yeah. >> i bring my son here. i mean, yeah. >> reporter: how old is your son? >> nine. you be doesn't play. he can go on facebook or whatever. >> reporter: neighboring businesses say these stores attract the wrong crowds and scare their customers away. >> we have been fighting this for over a year regarding this business that it's not good for the community. >> reporter: the county hopes
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to have all five cafes closed in a few months, though lawsuits could push that back. in san lorenzo, i'm da lin cbs 5. bay area headlines. in san francisco, police are looking for the robbers seen in this surveillance video. investigators say the two men pointed a gun at workers and stole prescription drugs last monday from two pharmacies. one in the richmond district, the other in the sunset. no one was hurt. also in san francisco, a tree trimmer was injured on the job. it happened this afternoon around 1:30 near brotherhood way. it's not clear exactly how he got hurt. paramedics took him to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. in san jose tense moments in a willow glen neighborhood this morning while police searched for suspects in an attempted home burglary. police asked neighbors and an elementary school to lock their doors and shelter in place. officers searched the area around husted avenue and marshall way for an hour. no suspects were found.
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in the north bay a broken water main in this intersection in kentfield. the crews capped the leak in an hour but spent all day patching the pavement on eliseo drive. the cause of the burst pipe is unknown. it sounded like a girl yelling loud. >> one day after this video of an attempted kidnapping is released, the frightening revelations in a bay area community. >> why mark zuckerberg just invited a high-powered politician over to his house. you know what happens when an area of low pressure is cut off from the main flow of the jet stream? this happens, rain here in the bay area. that was not forecast. i'll explain and talk about the weekend coming up. >> and we would like to see your photos showing off your 49ers pride. email us at or upload them to >> larry curtis did of san leandro. he sent us this photo looking comfortable there with his
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49ers blanket. >> all right. and here's jason of redwood city on the field at the first game of the season. >> and mila of san ramon is pretty in pink. she probably doesn't even know she is a 49ers fan. we'll feature more of yours pictures throughout the newscast. so if you have a flat tire dead battery need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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south bay neighborhood. now, neighbors in san jose say this surveillance video shows a man trying to kidnap a girl in a south bay neighborhood. now neighbors in san jose say that they think they know who the suspect is. >> and today, they told cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran he is no stranger to their streets. >> it was scary just to even think that a guy who just looked like he was going to work was actually trying to cause harm around here and especially to a little girl. >> reporter: melissa rodriguez and her family live a few blocks down interest where a 13- year-old girl fought off an
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attempted kidnapping. it happened last week early friday morning. melissa's sister was awake and heard the girl scream. >> just sounded like a girl yelling really loud. yeah. and it was -- it kind of get going on for about two minutes. >> reporter: you can see in this surveillance video the girl in white is grabbed from behind and dragged into a dark driveway. police say she fought hard and ran away from the suspect. the suspect the rodriguez family has seen in their neighborhood several times. >> i've seen him quite a few times around here and i never thought anything of it because, i mean, he looked like he was going to work. >> reporter: they were able to identify him through this police sketch. he had a distinct description. officers say he was wearing blue dickie's pants and brown shoes with white paint stains. now the rodriguez family is alert careful that it doesn't happen to one of their loved ones. >> i don't even let me son take a bus to school. i drive him to school every day. i would never let him take a bus because i'm scared that any momentum they're by themselves, anything could happen to them.
6:15 pm
>> reporter: the rodriguez family says they haven't seen that suspect since the incidents. san jose police ask anyone with information to come forward. reporting in san jose, cate caugiran, cbs 5. former leaders of the l.a. suburb of bell were painted as thieves today as public corruption cases went to trial. the so-called bell six are accused of nearly bankrupting the town to fund their six- figure salaries. prosecutors say the ex-mayor and councilmembers assigned themselves to various special committees and then paid themselves hundreds of dollars for meetings as short as 60 seconds. they say it went on for nearly four years. >> altogether, over $51,000 was paid to each city council member for 20 minutes of work. >> the defendants say all of that was approved by then city manager robert rizzo, who made $8,800,000 a year. he will face his -- $800,000 a year. he will face corruption champs this summer.
6:16 pm
facebook founder mark zuckerberg is preparing to host a fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christie. zuckerberg and the republican governor have worked closely on education reform in new jersey for the past couple of years. fundraiser for christie's re- election is scheduled next month at zuckerberg's palo alto estate. well, if you are heading to new orleans for the super bowl, be warned. getting a cab may be tougher than you ever imagined. the city's new regulations require credit card machines to be in the back of the cab so passengers can run them themselves. but cab drivers say they are having a hard time getting the new equipment and permits in time for the super bowl crowds. one city councilman says the process is taking way too long. >> i was out here for three hours yesterday. not a single taxicab what processed to get a decal to be on the airport. >> one city council member blames the cab drivers as she says many of them waited until the last minute to get this taken care of.
6:17 pm
no delay in getting to the forecast tonight. >> paul deanno would like to say an unexpected four-letter word. >> a lot of choices there. >> rain. >> we have bonus rainfall out there. think positive here. bonus rainfall on the radar. many of you may not be using the word bonus to describe the rain in the south bay. on the radio kcbs traffic reports every 10 minutes, it's been a mess all around san jose. and it's all because of the rain. the rain is letting up. but you have had showers around all day long in the south bay now finally getting a break in sunnyvale, milpitas, san jose. further north livermore still getting a few showers, san ramon dublin and pleasanton drying out. san jose wet all day long third of an inch of rainfall your high today was in the mid-50s. we hit the low 60s without rainfall in oakland. half moon bay 60. napa, concord and redwood city all hit the upper 50s. so what happened? we were supposed to be drying out.
6:18 pm
that's because this low pressure area spinning right there was supposed to be about 300 miles farther south. it didn't move so it is still continuing to feed moisture in our direction. remember winds flow counterclockwise around low pressure so when it's down to the south we are getting the moisture coming up in the south. it didn't move, so guess what the showers didn't, either. now it looks like that low pressure area will still be close to us tomorrow. so weather can't rule out showers especially toward the south bay once again for your friday and then on sunday, we'll have another chance of showers. then all of that stuff gets pushed out of the way by this area of high pressure. but it's going to stay off to our west:winds go clockwise around high pressure so we follow the arrows coming down from the north. it will be sunny next week but it's also going to be chilly. we'll have lows in the 30s and highs only in the low to mid- 50s. so showers tonight especially down toward the south bay. another chance of showers on friday. another slight chance of showers on sunday, not heavy. that pattern change next week will dry us out and cool us down. tomorrow despite the cloud cover that southerly influence
6:19 pm
will get us into the low 60s, oakland averaging 58 tomorrow will hit 62. in the city 59. concord you'll hit 60. mountain view 62. fairfield for your friday, hey, friday, 61 degrees. saturday cloudy, but dry. sunday morning we get that chance of showers. look at that dip in temperature. low 50s on sunday. and then mainly sunny skies for much of next week. so if you have been looking for the rainfall and coming up empty for much of january, perhaps some bonus rainfall in the backyard today. >> making up for lost time. >> we lost a lot of time in january. yes. >> paul, thanks ♪ [ music ]♪ i'm ken bastida live in san mateo. you have heard of the raider nation? well, you're going to meet the 9er empire. that's coming up.
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get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ cbs-5's ken bastida is with a bastida met with a world-famous group of 49ers fans. mobile weather lab is in san mateo. ken bastida met with a worth
6:22 pm
famous group of 49ers fans. hey, ken. >> reporter: i just love the name of this place. it's called mancave memorabilia. and that's kind of says it all. a lot of 49ers fans, guys, hang out here. they have their wall here where you can see all the different photographs, a lot of them are autographed by the players, joe montana, steve young and this is one of my favorites right here, this is a ball that is signed by dwight clark. it actually has the play diagram or the catch from back in 1982. it's pretty amazing. another amazing thing is the group that hangs out around here. a bunch of 49er fans that go by the name, the 9er empire. >> they do the tailgate thing at 9er games. they meet socially for pizza and barbecues. but this 49er fan group is a little different. in one big way. social media. >> it brings everybody together. and then once people are, you know, know you're a 9er fan we just welcome them explain what we're doing and if you are a
6:23 pm
49er fan, you're part of the 9er empire. >> reporter: joe is one of the founders of the 9er empire. the fan base numbers in the thousands and spans the world. >> pretty much have chapters all throughout the united states and as well as new zealand, canada, and what we're trying to do is just represent the 9er fan base and get the word out there because we're tired of the little raider nation on the other side of the bay so 9er empire is bigger than a nation so that's how we started it. >> reporter: joe leonor, those are fighting words. you honor the greats, coach bill wall,joe montana, dave wilcox my era from the '70s, ronnie lott, hugh maclainey. you also to be in this you have to take the pledge. >> yes. >> so tell me the pledge. what's the pledge? >> it's what the 9er fan base is all about.
6:24 pm
>> i pledge my faithfulness to the 9ers and their hall of famers for which they stand, one nation which we cross out because we know who that is, under an empire invisible with five rings soon to be six and domination overall. >> you came up with the pledge yourself? >> yeah. i have a lot of time on my hands. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what do the people in new zealand tell you? are they watching games eight hours later? >> yeah. they're up early as can be watching the games cheering on the 9ers. it's the passionate fans that we are. >> reporter: the 9er empire. i feel like luke, where are you? you know? the empire strikes back. we'll see. >> have you done anything to accumulate any 49ers memorabilia your own or tattoo, anything? >> reporter: i haven't gotten a tattoo but that ball, the catch signed by mr. clark, i'm afraid they got my credit card a little while ago for that one. >> i still have my y.a. tittle helmet from when i was a kid. >> reporter: i have it. >> i was there for a while. yeah. >> reporter: you're going to have to put that old leather helmet on your head come next
6:25 pm
sunday. >> years before the face masks. thank you. >> fan empire. coming up in our next half hour buyer beware. >> these a official, right? >> how you can tell if the 49ers merchandise is the real deal. what happened when we confronted a sidewalks salesman. >> while so many u.s. troops are coming home why dozens of bay area guardsmen are going to afghanistan. >> i was the one that found supervisor milk's body and i was the one that put a finger in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse. >> but first how a california senator recalled a dark day in bay area history to lead the charge against assault weapons.
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i was the one that found supervisor milk's body. and i was the one that put a finger in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse. >> i know at 6:30, senator dianne feinstein gets personal as she leads the charge for a new federal assault weapons ban. the legislation she launched today goes beyond the assault weapons ban that expired back in 2004 and getting it through congress will be no easy task.
6:29 pm
for dianne feinstein, it's personal. >> i became mayor as a product of assassination. >> both mayor moscone and supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> oh!! >> reporter: the death of her colleagues including harvey milk the first openly gay public official in america was so traumatic, she rarely discusses it. >> you were somebody who was very close to a tragic shooting. >> reporter: but here at the launch of her push to renew the assault weapons ban, she answered in graphic detail. >> i was the one that found supervisor milk's body, and i was the one that put a finger in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse. once you have been through one of these episodes, once you see what the crime scene is like, it isn't like the movies. it changes your view of weapons. >> reporter: she put on an
6:30 pm
elaborate event even getting the special permission from d.c. and capitol police to display assault weapons including an ar-15. >> assault weapons were designed for and should be used on our battlefields not on our streets. >> reporter: the proposed legislation would prohibit the sale, manufacture, transfer and importation of more than 150 assault style weapons. and ban large capacity magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition. but to appeal to gun owners, it excludes or keeps legal most handguns and 2200 sporting rifles. >> how are you going to go hunting with something like that? >> reporter: also here, family members and victims of gun massacres across the country. lily was shot in a german class at virginia tech. >> i have a bullet still in my head. i was shot in the jaw. it's one inch -- one millimeter away from my brain stem.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: still, dianne feinstein is realistic about the slim chance that assault weapons ban has of passing. >> if anyone asks today can you win this, the answer is we don't know. it's so uphill. >> reporter: but pushing gun control is now a white house campaign style effort. and vice president joe biden held a social media town hall, a google hangout, to rally support. >> make your voices heard. this outfit, this town listens when people speak. >> the white house and feinstein know the biggest hurdle in convincing democrats in gun rights states will be almost impossible. the rule that excludes women from combat units is now history. today defense secretary leon panetta lifted the ban on women. panetta says american women are already fighting and dying overseas and it's time for the military's policies to recognize that reality. >> if they are willing to put
6:32 pm
their lives on the line, then we ought to recognize that they deserve a chance to serve in any capacity they want. >> the new policy will open up more than 200,000 front line jobs to women mostly in the army and marines. the changes will not come overnight. the policy will be phased in over the next 3 years. the pentagon is also devising a plan to pull remaining u.s. troops out of afghanistan. but that doesn't mean the mission there is over. in fact, cbs 5 reporter john ramos says an air national guard unit from the bay area is headed to afghanistan. >> our mission is simple to save lives. >> reporter: when the 129th rescue wing at moffett field gears up, it usually means someone is in trouble. >> a lot of people think we do medevac but it transports patients so they can't fly into active combat area. our helicopters are armed and our crews are trained to go and rescue people where others can't. >> reporter: and that will be a useful skill as this wing of the california air national guard is being sent to bases in
6:33 pm
afghanistan and southern africa. the 210 airmen being deployed will spend four months flying rescue missions in some dangerous places. >> both search and extraction missions, some that are publicized, some not. >> reporter: the helicopters and c-130 refuelers play a vital support role for military operations in hot spots like afghanistan and terrorist strongholds at the horn of africa. but they also help out at home fighting california wildfires or rescuing people from superstorm sandy. and those who serve in the unit love it. >> is this the coolest job in the military? >> well, if it's not the coolest, it's one of the coolest. >> reporter: but that doesn't mean it's easy. >> everyone has families that they have to be away from for a long time. our job is to be sure that other people get go home to their families as well. >> reporter: not a bad day's work. at moffett field, john ramos, cbs 5. a special birthday present
6:34 pm
today for a disabled east bay veteran. dozens of volunteers came together to transform sean's yard. crews rolled out new turf installed pavers and most importantly, made sean's backyard wheelchair accessible. it was sean's wife who helped make it happen. >> for this amount of stuff to be done on one birthday it was just incredible. the people she contacted, they're awesome. >> the work crews were made up of volunteers from home depot stores and a group called hands on bay area. a san jose mom and daughter are headed for the super bowl. connie won the 49ers ticket lottery. she is a season ticketholder and a huge 9ers fan. and she is taking her pregnant daughter to the game with her. >> i have never won anything in my life! ha ha ha! and here i won super bowl tickets. i can't get over it. >> i got watery and i got
6:35 pm
excited and that nervousness even though on the voicemail they left her i was just nervous and shaky. you can tell my voice is crack. so oh, yeah, i couldn't believe it. >> the real deal. the tickets will cost them $850 each. plane tickets $1,300 each. both women say it is worth every penny. >> good for them. how a bay area couple is making money off the final days of devil's slide. >> how you can tell fake 49ers merchandise from the real deal, coming up.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
ready to open some new tunnels so drivers don't have to use devil's slide on highway one. but cbs-5 reporter sharon chin shows us: some people are going to caltrans is getting ready to open new tunnels so drivers don't have to use devil's slide on highway 1 but cbs 5 reporter
6:38 pm
sharon chin shows us some people are going to miss it. it. >> it's nostalgic. the road has been in my life my whole life. >> reporter: the long-time pacifica resident lee and nancy wrote a song to say good-bye to devil's slide. ♪ [ music ]♪ last right on devil's slide get in the car and go ♪ >> reporter: they are members of the curios rock band who share childhood memories of the mud and rockslide-prone coastal highway. >> when we were kids we were scared because of the name devil's slide. we thought something was going to jump out and get us. >> reporter: the pair is selling its last ride on devil slide cd single and t-shirt design showing a devil and dice for the gamble of riding the slide. hall has sold 400 shirts in two months at a bookstore in pacifica and mavericks surf shop in half moon bay. >> we have been selling them like crazy. i can't keep the guy printing
6:39 pm
them fast enough. >> reporter: they say they are marking the end of an era. >> the road has an energy up there. it's wild. >> everything from people driving over the cliff to, you know, partying a little too much and falling over when they were hiking or something. i mean, there are all kinds of crazy things that went on there. >> reporter: caltrans is putting the finishing touches on the tunnel and expects them to open during the 1st quarter of this year. after the tunnels open devil's slide will be a coastal trail for hikers and cyclists but first one more drive. >> some people here in pacifica will cross each other and wahoo! last ride. ♪ last right on devil's slide ♪ >> reporter: sharon chin, cbs 5. >> so what could be sweeter than another 49ers super bowl win? how about kap cakes? the family of the 9ers quarterback whipped up these pastries in honor of colin's super bowl appearance.
6:40 pm
and they delivered them to john h pittman h where the young kaepernick graduated and friends remember him. >> he brought out the best in everybody. his competitiveness and drive spread like wildfire. >> former teachers say kaepernick was just as competitive in the classroom as on the field. he graduated with a 4.0 grade point average and wanted to major in business. do you want to somehow your 49ers pride? coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, how you can tell the official merchandise from the knockoffs and why it may matter. coming up in weather we'll have our forecast for the bay area and find out why this snow right here has a connection to the super bowl. that's coming up. of course. we have breaking news. the warriors actually have a player going to the all-star game! i'm dennis o'donnell. and it is the best defensive play in 49er history. and it happened in their very
6:41 pm
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stores, the streets and the internet.
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of course, not all of it is d you care? bowl merchandise is starting to hit the stores, streets, and the net. of course, not all of it is legal. but should you care? cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the real differences between genuine and counterfeit. reporter: it's the closest many of us will come to colin kaepernick. >> i'll take that. >> reporter: many 9ers fans are shelling out big bucks for the official super bowl gear that hit stores this morning. >> i got championship nfc. >> picture of colin kaepernick. >> reporter: look around downtown these days and you'll also see piles of shirts for sale in the streets. shirts this vendor told us were licensed nfl gear. you say these are official, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: so we bought a few for 10 bucks apiece and took them to u.s. customs for an inspection. >> this is just a basic really cheap t-shirt. >> reporter: the verdict? >> definitely not a name brand. no nfl logos on it.
6:45 pm
nothing to say it's an official product. >> reporter: so what makes sports merchandise official? well, a hologram, tags, a higher price, and the fact that the nfl gets a cut, about $1.50 on every $30 t-shirt money split between all 32 franchises. >> super bowl shirts here! >> reporter: so while you may be saving on the knockoff you're not necessarily supporting your team and considering the quality, you may end up paying more in the long run. >> downside is you're not getting a genuine product. the quality is probably not good. there may be chemicals that are not approved to be used. >> reporter: counterfeit shirts can also have misspellings. we bought one that came complete with a stain. it is illegal to buy a counterfeit in some cities if you know it's a counterfeit. so buyer beware. >> what about here? >> here, well, it's kind of questionable.
6:46 pm
are they going to prosecute? no. is it legal to buy counterfeit? not really if you know it's a counterfeit because now you're breaking the law but you're probably not going to be prosecuted. >> it's too good to be true might be counterfeit. >> reporter: if it's 10 bucks for a 9ers shirt it's probably counterfeit. >> or if they can't spell it's a sign it's counterfeit. >> thank you. here's a little bit of rain out there today. and we'll try to contain that look of surprise. but that's just what happens sometimes is, you know, with those little cutoff lows and they just have a mind of their own. >> 'tis the season second half of winter first half of spring we get low pressure areas cut off from the main flow of the jet stream and you get some rain. i didn't hear about that yesterday? you didn't. but it arrived today. i'm happy to report that this evening is i drew he for you if you are heading out and about. the radar really clearing out. this is a four-hour time lapse. notice things much drier now for the south bay, san jose up toward livermore along 680 we're dry but we had plenty of rainfall today. about .4" of rainfall. but it's not rain, it's snow
6:47 pm
that i want to show you. snow, how is there a super bowl connection to this video? well, snowfall in baltimore, maryland. i want to show you that video if we have it. thumbs up, thumbs down? i'm assuming by it not being on television right now that we don't have it. so we'll just talk about snowfall in baltimore. it was snow in baltimore, maryland. there's your super bowl connection. and there's more snowfall in the forecast for tomorrow. baltimore cold, windy, snowy, 26. we'll have a high near 60 but check out new orleans. sunshine and high of 74 degrees. that's the place to be, big game nine days away. right now in concord, 53. oakland 58 with that rainfall out of there. san jose up two degrees over the past hour currently 54 degrees. satellite and radar review shows you this cutoff area of low pressure. we call it a cutoff low because it's cutted off from the main flow of the jet stream that acts like a path of least resistance and most storms or low pressure areas follow this path. this one is stubborn away from that so cutoff areas of low pressure will often take their
6:48 pm
own path which is often different from what computer models think and that is the case. it was supposed to be farther to the south. it's not. so it's still feeding in moisture to the bay area so we had showers in the south bay today, south and east of san francisco. showers early tomorrow as well especially towards san jose and gilroy. now, as we head toward next week, there is another pattern change. gone will be the low pressure area. high pressure, but it's the location that's key. it's off to our west. so we'll get sunshine with a cool northerly flow keeping us below normal temperature-wise for several days beginning on sunday. so showers still out there for some of you south and east of san francisco. you will have showers around mainly to the south tomorrow. and also on sunday. that pattern change bringing back mainly sunny skies. we'll be there but not until the top of next week. here's your forecast for tomorrow. in the city 59 degrees. livermore 60. san jose 62. low 60s for redwood city. mountain view, fremont, san jose, low 60s also for pleasanton, antioch and
6:49 pm
concord. you will hit 60 tomorrow in concord. late-day sunshine for bodega bay 58. extended forecast we are dry on saturday but cloudy. sunday much cooler, slight chance of a shower low 50s for highs. and here comes the sunshine. monday through thursday of next week, we likely will make it back to 60 degrees by next wednesday. sports is coming up next. but before we go, here are some more pictures of the 9ers fans all throughout the bay area. be right back. raught in the bay
6:50 pm
well, well well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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over... for the first time since 1997 the warriors had a player recognized by the league... david lee is the f the nba all-star drought in the bay area is over. for the first time since 1997 the warriors had a player recognized by the league. david lee is the first to do it since latrelle sprewell. power forward averaging more than 19 points and 10 rebounds per game and has led golden state to the fifth best record in the western conference. now the bad news. steph curry was snubbed and won't go to houston. former raider wideout tim brown made news on tuesday when he said that head coach bill callahan sabotaged the super bowl in 2002 by changing the
6:53 pm
game plan two days before. many of his teammates strongly disagreed but jerry rice wasn't one of them. >> we had planned on running the ball. we had been averaging over 300 yards. we had tyrone wheatley, zach crockett, charlie gunnar and that was the plan that we had. and i think everybody was caught off guard. i'm not going to say he sabotaged the super bowl, but you look at it either way, if you change the game plan on a friday like that, you call it whatever you want to call it. >> sticking to his guns. the packers couldn't do it nor could the falcons. now it's the ravens' turn to figure out how to stop colin kaepernick and the offense. >> he is fast and can run but rg iii was a little quicker i think, you know, and probably a little faster. >> it hasn't taken long for teams to give the 49ers offense
6:54 pm
the respect it deserves. it's a much different story for ravens quarterback joe flacco who beat andrew luck, peyton manning and tom brady to get to the super bowl. >> finally getting to the big dance, get the respect you should have gotten a while ago? >> i really don't care. you know, there's guys out there that have to make a living hitting on somebody. if that's me, then i play on being around for a while. if you want to continue to do it, i'll be whoer. >> no interceptions in this post-season for flacco. 31 years ago the 49ers made their first trip to the super bowl. dwight clark's catch got them there. but it was the defense that won it. the cincinnati bengals were trailing san francisco 20-7 in the 3rd quarter when the san francisco defense turned him away on the goal line four straight downs. it's considered the greatest defensive stand in team history and linebacker dan was at the center of everything. >> does a day go by this time
6:55 pm
of year when people don't ask you about that hit? >> well, no. a lot of kids want to talk about it. everybody knows where they were if you are a 49er fan or if you watched any of the super bowl, they know exactly what they were doing. i was even in europe a couple of years ago and people are telling me i know exactly where i was when you made that play. i was glad to be part of that goal line stand. >> i read where you guys at least the first down and maybe the second only had 10 players on the field? >> yeah. it was tina turner kind of got mixed up and he wasn't out there and fortunately, even with tim, we stopped them and it was a tribute to our defense because we had some guys that came from offense. he was an offensive guy and we had been bad for so long, i mean, we hadn't been winners really. and this was our first chance to win. and it was really exciting to
6:56 pm
go from the worst to the best that year. >> and pretty amazing. chuck studly the defensive coordinator and there's keena. you're supposed to be on the field. he was finally there for the 3rd and 4th downs. >> shocking when you said it was 31 years ago and i thought that can't be right! it is right. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> amazing. thanks, dennis. for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado ghs] yes, i'm that fl aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
steve: thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud", everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. and just like always you know what, we got a good one for you today. they are returning for the second day already with a total of $20,000, straight out of lawrenceville, georgia, it is the littleton family. [cheering and applause] and from dallas, texas--i got a place out there--it's the sowels family. [cheering and applause] let's get it on. give me adrian, give me mandi. let's go. all right, guys, here we go. we've got the top 6 answers on the board. name something superman would take off his cape to do. adrian. >> swim. steve: swim. mandi. >> um...go to the bathroom. steve: take cape off to go to the bathroom.

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